Hey, Honey.

We launch brands on TikTok.

We launch brands on TikTok using creator-led campaigns. Creators dominate the platform and know how to be viral, authentic and how to make TikTok work for brand.

We launch brands successfully on TikTok with:

Creator-led campaigns

Best-in-class short form video

Highly effective hashtag challenges

Why you need to be on TikTok

It’s the world’s fastest growing social media platform

500 million monthly active users

It’s bigger than Snapchat and Twitter combined

Users spends 52 minutes a day on TikTok

TikTok is about authenticity and creativity. Our campaigns are relevant, timely and live up to Gen-Z standards.

Do you want to launch on TikTok?

Contact us if your audience are social and content crazy Gen Z’s. We’ll help you make it on TikTok.