Hey Honey Launches Social Creative Agency & Content Studio in Amsterdam with JBL

Social media agency group, The Honey Partnership, has opened its first office in continental Europe with the launch of the Hey Honey in Amsterdam.


Hey Honey will operate across Europe to service consumer lifestyle brands, including its first client JBL, a leading audio brand by HARMAN.


Hey Honey kicks off with a team of native Dutch, French and German social media creatives plus a head of production. Its core offer is as a full-service social media agency executing strategy, video production, live video streaming, video-led campaigns and content seeding for music, sports and entertainment brands.


The team reports to Chris Adams, CEO of Hey Honey and a co-founder of The Honey Partnership.  “We’re creating an agile content team for brands that operate across Europe and need a single hub to reach their social-first mobile customers,” says Adams.


“We’re in an era of instability on social with platforms changing their algorithms, which often leaves brands confused. Social is in Honey’s DNA and our ability to adapt and create hyper-relevant content that engages real people not bots, is increasingly important for our clients.”


Adams added, “The hardest thing for brands to do efficiently is scale social content across Europe; tackling multiple languages, cultural nuances and references with one idea is challenging and next-to impossible to do in-house. We are a social media agency that helps brands maintain that spark of creativity in all pan-European social content and campaigns.”


Hey Honey will work closely with the content teams based in San Francisco, and the London office, which recently recruited Emily Hare, the former managing editor of Contagious.