Social With Purpose

Forgive me for blabbing but whilst lying in bed with a deathly cold, it hit me like (another) tonnes of bricks.

After spending the last 5 hours consuming a tonne of media in the form of articles, Netflix documentaries and upping my average time on Instagram by 550% this week alone (and it’s only Tuesday), I realised something profound.

I realised it when I came across the next stage of the #WorldRecordEgg story. If you don’t remember (if you were living under a rock a month ago) it was the guy that broke Instagram and out-shone Kylie Jenner’s most liked post by an epic 32.5 million likes with his picture of an egg on a white background.

Over the past couple of weeks, he’s been posting a series of eggs with more and more cracks protruding and an honorary American Football decorated egg (for the cultural relevance obviously). The post, today, consisted of a video – short, simple, well-cut, well-animated and not over-produced. It announces the ##WorldRecordEgg‘s partnerships with multiple mental health organisations from around the world.

In its simplicity, it is symbolises how people can truly crack under the pressure of social media. Then it invites those that are cracking to band together. Genius.

What started out to be a total fucking joke, has rapidly become one of the biggest symbols for mental health awareness caused by social media, today. It happened overnight and will only get bigger in the coming hours.

In the wake of the recent #Netflix and #Hulu #FyreFestival documentaries – the #WorldRecordEgg really puts things in perspective. Here’s my key takeaway:

“Social media can be astronomical for any brand, concept, person, business or idea. But if you don’t use it right, don’t bother using it at all. Using social media with a purpose (a good purpose – not a money making one) is essential or you will be eaten alive by the clever minds that populate all social media platforms.”

At Hey Honey we are a social creative agency – a hybrid social media agency and creative agency with in-house production, our ears to the ground and fingertips on the trackpad. We know the subtle nuances that allow you to kick-start conversations instead of just being part of them. Let us know on our contact page if you’re a brand and want a kick-ass social media strategy – we can help you out 😉 No eggs though, I ate three already today.