Start A Party Campaign for the JBL Party Box

JBL gave us a challenge – create as much engagement and awareness as possible for the JBL PartyBox with a social-first campaign across 4 countries in Europe.

With an omni-channel approach we launched the pan-European campaign on five platforms, including Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Spotify in seven countries across Europe. 

A layer of GIFs showcasing the JBL Party Box were created and downloadable from Giphy for users to integrate into Instagram and Snapchat stories. 

To start a party you need three characters that matched JBL’s segmented audience personas: The MC, The DJ and the The Party Starter. These were made into GIFs and integratable onto Snapchat posts and Instagram Stories. 

#StartAParty was the creative idea used across all social platforms and The Party Starter was the persona used for all the content and targeting. 

Results were smashed – ROI exceeded 26x when 15x was the target. 

28,752,887 Impressions

9,896,492 Individuals Reached

27.21% Engagement Rate on Instagram

2.26% Click-through rate on Instagram

7.43% 10-second views

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